Stick it to the man

Men’s skincare brand Bulldog have just launched a new line of stick deodorants.

However its unique promise leaves your

body ‘stick free’ and ready to go. 

After all, some things are made to stick.

It’s just that our deodorant isn’t one of them.


Terrible nicknames have plagued the male population for years. Being known by Gaz, Baz, Car park Steve or Bonzo is a fairly normal part of male culture.

No matter how much you want to shake it, you're stuck for life. 

TV Script summary:

We've created some scene's showing the birth of some of the stupidest nicknames around.

The worst thing about these names, years later,

they're still going to stick.

No matter the situation.

I know a song that will get on your nerves

To follow up our TV campaign we wanted to carry on our

non-stick message through targeted Spotify adverts.

After all we've all had that one chart topping

terror stick in our minds. 

Call me maybe
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Face Coasters

We want to create Bulldog branded beer mats. As your glass inevitably sicks to the mat it will reveal an amusing face to the rest of your group while leaving

you with the view of our tagline.