Coca-Cola Company
Re-colour the Corals 

Coca-Cola currently carry the title of 'worlds most polluting brand' Which is not a great look for any company in today's environmentally conscious society.


As the world becomes more aware of rising temperatures and climate change.  

Coca-Cola want to make a stand.

Having made all their cans and bottles 100% recyclable we've created a campaign to change the public opinion.

Rising temperatures directly causes coral bleaching a problem which causes the coral reefs to die, and become colourless.

On world oceans day (June 8th), to raise awareness for this, the Coco-Cola family will use Thermocromic ink on their recycled cans, so when they are removed from the cool fridge and begin to warm up, the colour fades from the cans.

When the colour fades from the can you will be presented with the brand new coral design.

Ghost Cans
colour cans.png
coral cans.png

"There is a worldwide colour crisis.

With rising sea temperatures leading to the bleaching of coral reefs, Coca-Cola's new cans made from 100% sustainable material want to make an environmental stand. Let’s recycle our colours and bring them back to the oceans."

The Pay off

coke front white.png
can of coke.png