Learn to say no.
Isn't it the worst when someone asks for a piece of your food? A piece of your chewing gum? Your very last, prized Rolo of the pack? 
A long time ago, Rolo asked us whether we love anyone enough to give them our last Rolo. We've thought about it, and we'd have to say no.
Stunt Advertising
 We would create a guerrilla advertising group to approach people on the street and ask them for a moment to learn about saying no. If they reply with 'no' they get a sticker.

Lock up your Rolo

Our next step was to put this message down in print. Rolo wanted to show the world that you no longer had to take extreme lengths to save your last chocolate. It could be as easy as saying NO; who knew. 
rolo snake.png
rolo ice cube.png
Knowing how bad the British are at saying no, we thought Rolo could help them out.
 Creating an excuse generator, for keyboard extension and messenger plug in, giving you the perfect excuse, so you can say no at the click of a button.
phone 2.png

Excuses, Excuses

twitter 2.png

The Book of Rolovations

But Rolo don't just want to encourage, Rolo want to inspire the future of saying no.
So like all great leaders of history, we've written Rolo's very own,
Book of Rolovations.